HIV Law Project: A Leader in HIV/AIDS Legal & Advocacy Services

Celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2009, HIV Law Project continues fighting for the rights of underserved HIV-affected populations and developing advocacy strategies specifically to meet their needs. Over the years, HIV Law Project has expanded its legal and advocacy services to include advanced advocacy and leadership trainings for HIV-positive women, community legal education, technical assistance to other service providers, and social support services for clients.

HIV Law Project was founded in 1989 in response to a growing need for innovative legal services and advocacy programs for underserved, low-income people living with HIV/AIDS, particularly women and their families; people of color; undocumented and recent immigrants; members of the LGBT community; and the homeless.

HIV Law Project was the first and, today, remains the only legal agency providing comprehensive services exclusively to low- income people living with HIV/AIDS in New York City.

Our Programs

HIV Law Project’s long history of working with low-income HIV-positive communities and proven legal expertise make it uniquely qualified to provide crucial legal services and advocacy programs for this disenfranchised community. In turn, HIV Law Project has been successful in securing winning results and making a positive impact in the local communities where we work.

Legal services are provided in the following areas of law:

  • Housing and eviction prevention;
  • Immigration law;
  • Government benefits;
  • Family law;
  • Health insurance issues;
  • Consumer and creditor/debtor law;
  • Employment law and benefit issues;
  • Wills, testaments and advanced planning; and
  • HIV-related confidentiality and discrimination issues