Reports, Guides, & Factsheets

CUNY Law Review | December 2014
Investing in Health: Supportive Services for Women Living with HIV/AIDS (full report) | July 2014

Supportive Services for Women Living with HIV/AIDS: The Facts (abbreviated) | July 2014

HIV Law Project has gathered essential facts and figures from dozens of academic and government sources that have assessed the need for, and the value and impact of social services. With a wealth of evidence, this research makes a powerful case for the preservation of essential social services for people living with HIV/AIDS. We hope that this information will be useful in the on-going push against proposed budget cuts at the local, state, and national level.

Will You Lead? A Guide to Grassroots Advocacy for Women | March 2011

Whether you are hoping to make change in a local school, health center, or church, or whether you want to change the regulations of a particular government agency, like your local Department of Health, or whether you intend to change the law or funding patterns at the City, State, or Federal level, this manual has something for you.

Does Health Care Reform Impact People Living with HIV/AIDS? | April 2010

of President Obama’s health care reform (The Affordable Care Act) for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Better Late than Never: HIV Prevention Among Young Women & Girls | May 2009

This report focuses on the myriad biological, cultural, and socioeconomic factors that have caused steadily rising rates of HIV among young women and girls, and offers a series of recommendations to promote effective prevention efforts among this population.

Comprehensive Sex Education: A Campaign Toolkit for HIV Advocates | November 2009

This toolkit is a practical, hands-on resource for sex ed advocates.

HIV Testing: Pregnant Women and Newborns | September 2009

This policy paper outlines how we can balance women’s rights with improved health outcomes for infants through voluntary opt-in HIV testing during pregnancy.

Guiding Principles for HIV Testing | June 2009

This two page document outlines fundamental principles of HIV testing, including routine, voluntary HIV testing, written informed consent, pre- and post-test counseling, and linkage to care.