Despite a significant reduction in Federal Ryan White funding and a period of staffing shortages, HIV Law Project maintained the high-quality and high-impact services and programs for which it is known.

Some highlights for 2008 are:

  • Handled 901 cases (553 clients)
  • 527 new cases open during
  • 354 cases resolved during benefiting 469 people
  • 31 people avoided homelessness
  • 96 preserved/increased benefits
  • 26 obtained immigration benefits (asylum, LPR, citizenship, PRUCOL)
  • 24 preserved family benefits (custody, pp, prevented TPR)

In addition, HIV Law Project delivered 9,385 hours of legal services, graduated 15 women from the LawTap program, and provided 170 instances of legal technical assistance to other service providers, totaling 118 legal hours (approx. value $16,700)

This annual report describes the work of HIV Law Project in 2008 and highlights the positive impact we have in the local communities where we work. Your generous response to HIV Law Project’s cause allows us to keep fighting for the rights and dignity of people living with HIV/AIDS.

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