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American Bar Association Releases HIV & AIDS Benchbook for Judges


The AIDS Coordinating Committee of the American Bar Association, founded in 1988, wrote the first benchbook for judges on HIV/AIDS in 1989. Since then much has changed in the legal and medical fields related to HIV/AIDS. The newest HIV & AIDS Benchbook “give judges the latest science and policy informing wise adjudication of cases involving people living with HIV or AIDS,” says the Honorable Abner J. Mikva (Ret.), Former Chief Justice, U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

Download the HIV & AIDS Benchbook >>
Download the HIV & AIDS Benchbook >>

Written by leading legal practitioners in the field of HIV/AIDS, the benchbook is divided into ten (10) chapters:

      1. Public Health Basics
      2. HIV Testing and Confidentiality
      3. Local, State and Federal Antidiscrimination Laws Protecting People Living with HIV/AIDS
      4. Courtroom Management
      5. Criminal Court Proceedings
      6. Correctional Facilities
      7. Civil Court Proceedings
      8. Administrative Proceedings: Social Security
      9. Administrative Proceedings: HIV/AIDS Issues in Immigration Proceedings
      10. Family Court Proceedings

HIV Law Project’s Cristina Velez, Supervising Attorney, Immigration, co-wrote the chapter on Administrative Proceedings: HIV/AIDS Issues in Immigration Proceedings with Cornell Law School Professor Stephen Yale-Loehr, Esq. Alison Yager, Esq., HLP’s Supervising Attorney, Policy, wrote the chapter on HIV Testing and Confidentiality. HIV Law Project’s former Deputy Executive Director, Cynthia Knox, Esq., co-edited the publication.

To learn more about the HIV & AIDS Benchbook or to obtain a copy, click HERE.